Refund Policy 

Refund Information:

As per our terms and conditions that you agree to by clicking on the "I agree to the Terms & Conditions" box when creating your account the following rules apply towards refunds of a subscription and or membership.
We do not provide refunds for any purchases made from our site. Upon creation of a account you have immediate access to our proprietary system and all of its marketing training and content.
It is your responsibility to manage your subscription with You agree and acknowledge that you understood that all monthly and yearly billings are non-refundable.

Terms and Conditions: 

By submitting your order you agree to the following terms and conditions. All fees are non-refundable. You agree there are no refunds for any reason. You can cancel your monthly or yearly subscription with at least 3 business days’ notice of your reoccurring billing date. Cancellations with fewer than 3 business days’ notice will be charged for the next normal debit period (month or year) then can be canceled prior to the following month or year billing date. The monthly and yearly reoccurring memberships and are billed as such. To cancel your membership email us at a cancellation request using the cancellation instructions provide under (Billing) and or (Refund Policy) areas in your members area. Use of this system is unlimited and any non-use by subscriber does not constitute a reason for a refund of any kind. It is your responsibility to manage your monthly and yearly subscription, and you agree that you understand that all monthly and yearly billings are non-refundable.