What are lead capture pages for?
A lead capture is a must if you’re serious about your business. If you send a prospect to a company website the best thing that can happen is that they buy or join. The most common thing is that they leave your site and come back later to view again because research shows that 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact If your prospect Googles the name of your product or company they are more likely to find someone else which means you lost the opportunity to convert that prospect to a customer. 

Your helpmebiz.com lead capture page system is designed to peek your prospects curiosity and encourage them to enter their information. After they fill out the form with their contact information they are captured as a lead, now you know who viewed your business and have their contact information. 

After the prospect enters their information they have also (opted in) to an automated auto-responder series. This is a number of pre-written emails that are sent automatically to the prospect on your behalf with your contact information which can build a relationship with your prospect. Many systems charge an average of $19 monthly just for an auto-responder, its just one of the many features that's included in your membership.

Can I use my Capture Pages with any company?
YES, your capture pages can be edited and re-direct to any url/link of any website or business. Your capture pages can also be re-directed to our custom presentation pages immediately after the prospect enters their information. These pages work well for both direct selling, affiliate and network marketing. What ever you are promoting you can build your list which can result in more sales. 

Do I have to be a computer genius?
We have designed our system to be very user friendly and quite intuitive. There are also video tutorials if you get stuck and you can always contact us for help with any glitches that you experience. 

Is my membership limited?
No we give you everything for one low price to grow your business. Your membership includes unlimited leads and replicated pages for your team to duplicate your efforts. 
Will this do everything for me automatically and build my business?
That would be nice and although it automates a lot of things for you and accomplishes things that quite frankly you would never get done it cannot replace the personal touch that a visit or a phone call can make. There are products or services that don't require any person-to-person communication and this will do almost all the work but other business models work best with the personal touch. 

How much can I customize the capture pages?
You have complete control to edit and create your own capture pages. You can edit text, videos,urls/links add pictures, and much more if you understand html or other coding languages. There are videos that show how to do do basic editing in the training area.

Do you sell leads?
We offer multiple high quality paid leads through third party lead providers. Your membership also includes access to FREE lead sources. We strive to make sure leads are of good quality to maintain our company's good reputation with our members and email providers. You can access paid and FREE Leads under Lead Sources in your members area. 

Do you offer an Affiliate Program?
No, this system was created to help you grow your business in a very cost effective way. In order to Keep this 
one of the most affordable systems anywhere we have not included an affiliate program which would require additional overhead to manage commissions and tax liabilities, which results in a higher membership cost. This system is not only the most affordable it also gives you full control of customizing your content for personal branding at an unbeatable price.